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Description of CREZ: The utilities code section 39.904 in conjunction with Senate Bill 20 (2005) established Texas's Renewable Energy Program and directed the PUC to identify Competitive Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ). A CREZ is a geographic area where wind generation facilities will be constructed. In 2008, PUC issued order 33672 designating five CREZs for the generation of wind power and defining the required transmission upgrades to deliver wind generated energy to Texas consumers.

Transmission build-out program: The CREZ project is the PUC’s response to a public mandate to increase renewable energy in Texas to serve the electric needs of the state. The Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 7 in 1999, which restructured the state’s electric industry and allowed Transmission Service Providers (TSPs) to offer transmission services to other utilities throughout Texas. Ultimately, the CREZ effort will significantly increase Texas’s current level of wind generation capacity to 18,456 MW.

Benefits to community: CREZ projects are primarily designed to move electricity generated by renewable energy sources (primarily wind) from the remote parts of Texas (i.e., West Texas and the Texas Panhandle) to the more heavily populated areas of Texas (e.g., Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio). However, several of these lines also will provide transmission infrastructure necessary to meet the long-term needs of the growing area west of the I-35 corridor between San Antonio and Killeen. In addition, more clean energy will be brought to customers which will improve air quality in Texas.

CREZ zones:

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Project information:
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The regions are:
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